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A small sample of our past achievements

Revive old colour back to life

Bringing a classic car back to life isn’t always a complicated undertaking, a simple before and........

Results speak for themseleves


Not all Classic cars need the full rebuild treatment but just a bit more TLC that may have been overlooked. Faded paint can often make your classic look a lot worse than you think. This was a simple case of a good cut and polish to bring the TR back to life. 

We like to give as much detail and attention to our mechanical work as we do to body and paint

This MGB had stood still for two years open to the elements and not having turned a wheel. 

End result....

Having stripped the whole suspension and brakes, then powder coated and overhauled ready for it's MOT.

Full body restoration.

Our latest transformation, Triumph Stag that had stood still for over a decade being brought back.

Triumph Stag transformation.

Colour change may not be everyone's choice but this Stag's complete transformation includes a new colour

Classic Cars Cardiff is a family-run business specialising in repairing, servicing and maintaining classic cars from the 60s and 70s with an emphasis to Triumphs and MG's